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Technology Services

Innovative Technology Services: Fave Consultant


Fave Consultant Technology Services

Our expert technical and negotiation experience will advise and move you through the ever-changing IT innovation landscape and support your procurement with budget reducing negotiations, leaving you with a business-ready IT infrastructure 

Consulting and Advisory

Our combined skill-sets and experience in business, negotiation and technology provide a winning formula yielding cost reduction for Fave Consultant clients AND they are left with the right tech solution

Implementing Technology

The vast majority of consultants leave with the knowledge after implementing technology, requiring the client to bring them back into the business as and when is required which is again an additional cost.

Our innovative approach means when we walk away you have the knowledge.


Training and Education

Your IT landscape is only as good as the people that provide support and with tech changing so fast, it can be difficult and expensive to keep top talent.

We provide tailored training from our experience in a range of business and tech subjects, giving your staff the skills to stay current AND at an affordable price.

TIPS & TRICKS for cost reduction

Become efficient to save time as well as money

Do you have streamlined infrastructure?

Having an efficient IT landscape means there are rarely any problems so companies can concentrate on developing new IT solutions to help flourish.


Although it requires spending time to achieve efficiency, dedicating effort now will reap rewards in the long-term.

One of the easiest tasks to begin efficiency is to remove ALL warnings along with errors in event logs.  Most hardware and software applications have logs to keep track of its’ health.

Working through all the logs to eliminate any warnings & errors will lead to a much healthier environment.  Business is far less likely to have problems, so support staff can concentrate on more effective things.

Most vendors provide documentation to help if there are problems you can’t fix.

Though the process may take some time, the results are worth it.  The environment will be less likely to fail and any further work on it such as upgrades become less risky.

Once it is complete, besides checking logs on a regular basis,  staff can focus on other things.  One of the ways to become more efficient & benefit from cost reduction.

List price is not always the price that should be paid

Many vendors are open to discussion when it comes to the price.  

Whether it is hardware, software or a service, it is always worth negotiating.


Especially in the current climate, vendors are desperate for business so don’t be afraid to have a discussion before settling on a price.

The tech market has grown substantially over the past 3 years so now it is more competitive than ever.  

If a vendor won’t move on the price then consider other alternatives, there are many in the IT sector!

It is worth letting the seller know before any change, you’ll be surprised at the result.

Remember, whether a small, medium or large company, vendors want business so don’t be afraid to ask for cost reduction.

Need help? Information technology and consulting services can assist, contact our experts now.

A Perspective of the IT Industry

Interest in IT for business has grown significantly in the past few years.  In 2019, investment in the UK tech sector jumped 44 percent to over ten billion pounds.

Whether it is websites, analytics, moving to the cloud or the latest trends in the industry, many companies feel they need to invest in order to stay competitive.

Cost Reduction : Fave Consultant

Along with these requirements, is the need for the expertise to install, migrate in addition to support the product.  These skills are in great demand so using IT service companies has also increased substantially.

Whilst it is true the business landscape has changed significantly, using “tech” can drastically improve efficiency whilst lower expenditure and a notable amount of companies spend an excessive amount of money on it.

This manifests itself by not getting the optimum price, paying 3rd parties to install or support, buying multiple products when one could be used, re-investing because a current solution is not good enough & so on…

We are addressing these concerns with our information technology and consulting services, having seen these issues numerous times.  Providing tech consulting including skilled negotiations to get optimal prices.  Whether it is for a few hundred pounds or half a billion.

When we install, migrate or transform, clients’ staff can work with us so they gain the required knowledge to support it.  They also develop new skills in the process. We have aptitude for training and managing people, developed over years.

Business gains the competence to support the “tech”, it also reduces client expenditure because there is no need to pay for 3rd party headcount.  We also advise if several existing products can be replaced by a single one. 

These are a few of the offerings provided, all based on passing on expertise together with saving clients’ money. We can also provide these solutions without using your staff, we will still reduce outgoings, whatever the company size. 

Ensuring an IT strategy aligns with the business approach, can also focus your finances.  We aim to increase a clients’ wealth by aligning tech to the business approach while ensuring it is well defined.

Cost reduction, especially following the COVID-19 crisis is important to most companies.  IT budgets can provide one avenue of economy with great results.

Don’t become another statistic in how companies use IT, speak to our experts and rise above thecrowd

Information Technology and Consulting Services: Fave Consultant

Why use the information technology and consulting services we offer?

With successful careers, the record of companies we have worked for highlights the respect earned & the quality of work we have delivered.  Learning a great deal about how to deliver solutions faster, cheaper along with successfully, we are highly qualified professionals.

Every business should be able to use the most suitable technologies for their sector, it should be affordable and easy to support.  Our technology services are based on years of professional experience with our technical and business skills blending together to provide clients a unique approach.

We believe in giving IT skills to help companies benefit, always focused on cost reduction, we deliver with information technology and consulting services.

Clients have already begun to benefit from the information technology and consulting services, we offer, why not join them and see your business flourish?

Take the complexity out of tech and save money!