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We Help you prosper

At Fave Consultant, we have years of experience working in many companies and business sectors.  We believe it has led us to be unique in delivery.

You will notice what differentiates us from others is our focus on saving money and passing on knowledge to you.

Innovation, creativity and cost reduction, this is our philosophy.  We have used this whilst working with some of the largest companies in the world.  It is a reason why we have been so successful.

Welcome to our Technology Services, designed to help business embrace IT.

Information Technology and Consulting Services: Fave Consultant

Our Technology Services, Providing Solutions To Help Business

Professional Consulting will advise on how to lower costs, use IT efficiently and much more 

Market Research provides insights into how business sectors use tech and what they want from IT

Innovative IT Services from architecture to migrations, knowledgeable & trusted in “tech”

Training From Our Experience elevating your knowledge & skills in tech

Is your business ready for the future?

Innovative IT Services: Fave Consultant

With developments in IT, the future has already started.  From data analytics to blockchain, the industry is moving faster and faster.  Knowing what solutions your business should use, how to install/monitor and ensure you adhere to regulations and compliance, sometime it is easier not to embrace new tech.

Companies that have grasped the latest tech have been rewarded with larger revenue and lower costs.  At Fave Consultant, we have shaped our technology services to help business solve their largest challenges so they can embrace hi-tech as it arrives.

With our information technology and consulting services – Professional Consulting, Innovative IT Services, Market Research and Training From Our Experience, we help companies gain the maximum out of the tech they already have.

We help utilise the most appropriate ICT capabilities (Information and Communication Technology) and develop  support staff to manage hi-tech and lower the overall expenditure.  

Delivering a beneficial set of solutions to organisations, which differentiate us from other consultancies.  Providing offerings to lower cost, whilst utilising architecture and tech.  Customising smart professional consulting strategies so you can be sure they align with your company objectives.

Our innovative IT services can help you utilise “bleeding edge” technologies faster whilst developing the skills in your company.  Designed for business, giving you our knowledge and saving you money.  That is what makes us different!

Let us help you use IT to benefit your company with out technology services.

Understanding a company’s goals are at the heart of providing solutions that will help.

Whether a business knows what they want from professional consulting or not, those goals help identify solutions to achieve them.

Our technology services include professional consulting, focused on saving you money and using the best tech solutions effectively.

We deliver IT cost optimisation, efficiency review, cloud strategy and many more ways we can help you save and be economical.

Providing expert advice to ensure your business benefits from the investments you have made.

Having provided consultancy in an array of topics for very large companies, the guidance we offer is accomplished, resourceful and beneficial.

Combining strategy, business and technical consulting, our professional consulting help companies prosper.

With our know how to move your business forward and our innovative IT services.

Our innovative IT services create high quality architecture design.  Implementation, upgrade, migration and troubleshooting.

We work with your staff to deliver IT, so your business learns how to support it.

This approach means you gain the knowledge and also do not need to pay a high cost for the service.

We develop your skills in architecture, designs, migrations, transformations and support.

When we walk away, you do not need to pay for support because you will have the skills.

Alternatively, we are flexible and can provide all the staff to carry out the work.

With a prowess in IT we can help you meet your goals.

Why not find out more about Innovative IT Services.

Part of our technology serviceswe can help you business prosper..

Whether you are introducing a new product or want to keep ahead of the competition, our IT market research can help you..

Years of experience with many business sectors allow us to provide in-depth research for you.

We understand the IT landscape in each sector.  What products they use and why they use them.  We also know what solutions appeal to each sector.

Keeping you ahead of the competition with professional consulting in IT market research.

From IT architecture, design, support and implementation, to vendor management and contract negotiation.

Whatever you need, we have a wealth of cognisance with big companies and can provide valuable expertise to help your company thrive.

Based on industry knowledge. Tailored training from our experience to use for business to increase your company’s knowledge, part of our technology  services.


Become Efficient To Save Time And Money

Is your infrastructure streamlined?

Having an efficient IT landscape means you rarely have problems and can concentrate on developing new IT solutions to help your business prosper.

Although it will seem you are spending a lot of time to achieve efficiency, dedicating effort now will reap rewards in the long-term.

One of the easiest tasks to begin your efficiency is to remove ALL warnings and errors in event logs.  Most hardware and software applications have logs to keep track of its’ health.

Working through all the logs and eliminating any warnings and errors will lead to a much healthier environment.  Your business is far less likely to have problems and your support staff can concentrate on more cost effective things.

Most vendors provide documentation to help if you run into problems you can’t fix.

Though the process may take some time, the results are worth it.  Your environment will be less likely to fail, any further work on it such as upgrades become less risky.

Once it is complete, aside from checking on a regular basis your staff can focus on other things.

The List Price Is Not Always The Price You Should Pay

Many vendors are open to discussion when it comes to the price.  Whether it is hardware, software or services, it is always worth negotiating.

Especially in the current climate, vendors are desperate for your business so don’t be afraid to have a discussion before settling on a price.

The tech market has grown substantially over the past 3 years and now is more competitive than ever.

If a vendor won’t move on the cost then consider other alternatives and there are many in the IT sector!

It is worth letting your vendor know before you change, you’ll be surprised at the result

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, vendors want your business.

If you need further assistance, our information technology and consulting services can assist.  Contact us to find out more.

Passing On Our Knowledge

We have over 20 years experience in the IT industry, working for some of the largest companies in the world.  We have seen both the worst and the best in business.

Now, we want to share with you the best that we have seen and learnt, by training from our experience.

Whether it is face to face, via live video or through one of our webinars.  We provide training from our experience, tailored to your company.

Having learnt from companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Goldman Sacs and Capgemini, we want to share our knowledge with you.  Developing your skills so you can embrace the benefits that IT has to offer at an optimal price, part of our technology services.

Professional Consulting

Our IT market research can give you an insight into your industry.  What attracts customers or insights into a particular sector.

We have provided professional consulting in market research to major consultancies.

Your business can also benefit from our knowledge, just contact us to find out how.

We also provide professional consulting in a wealth of other topics.  From tips about saving cost, to methods ensuring a strong and secure IT landscape.

Trained at leading consultancies, we have been providing guidance for many years.  Trusted, skilled and resourceful.

Talk to us about how our information technology and consulting services can help you.

Why Use Our Services?

We have been working in our disciplines for many years, with successful careers.  The record of companies we have worked for, highlights the respect we have earned and the quality of work we delivered.

Throughout our careers we have learnt a great deal about how to deliver solutions faster, cheaper and successfully.

We believe every business should be able to use the most suitable tech solutions for their sector.  It should be affordable and easy to support.

That is why we created the innovative IT services business, Fave Consultant.  We can share our knowledge and help to make tech easily available to every business, without needing to pay a high price for it.

We are experienced, knowledgeable and believe in giving you the IT skills to help your business.  Always focused on costs, we deliver with our technology services.

A Premise of the IT Industry

Interest in IT for business has grown significantly in the past few years.  In 2019, investment in the UK tech sector jumped 44 percent to over ten billion pounds.

Whether it is websites, analytics, moving to the cloud or the latest trends in the industry, many companies feel they need to invest in order to stay competitive.

Along with these requirements, is the need for the expertise to install, migrate and support the product.  These skills are in great demand and so using consultancies has also increased substantially.

Whilst it is true the business landscape has changed significantly, using “tech” can drastically improve efficiency and lower costs, a notable amount of companies spend an excessive amount of money on it.

This manifests itself by not getting the optimum price, paying 3rd parties to install or support, buying multiple products when one could be used, re-investing because your current solution is not good enough and so on…

A Premise Of The IT Industry: Fave Consultant

Fave Consultant addresses these concerns with our technology services.  Having worked in consultancies for many years, we have seen these issues numerous times.  We provide innovative IT services including skilled negotiations to get optimal prices.  Whether it is for a few hundred pounds or half a billion.

When we install, migrate, transform and your staff can work with us so they gain the required knowledge to support it.  Your team also develop new skills in the process. Training and managing staff is one of the skills we have developed over years.

Your business gains the knowledge to support the “tech”.  It also reduces your costs because you need to pay for less 3rd party headcount.  We advise if you can replace several existing products by a single one.

These are a few of the offerings we provide.  All based on passing on our expertise and saving you money. We also provide these solutions without using your staff and will still reduce your costs.  Our information technology and consulting services can assist, whatever the size of your company.

Ensuring you have an IT strategy that aligns with your business approach, can also focus your costs.  This is part of our professional consulting service which aims to increase your company’s wealth by aligning tech to your business strategy and ensuring it is well defined.

Reducing costs, especially following the COVID-19 crisis is important to most companies.  IT budgets can provide one avenue of economy with great results.

Lower your costs without compromising your business with our innovative IT services.

Take the complexity out of tech and save money!