The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

Henry Ford

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Passing On Our Knowledge: Fave Consultant
Training and Education: Fave Consultant


Enriching Training & Education

Quite often, formal instructor led training (whilst extremely beneficial) is great to get you through an exam, but falls short of applying the knowledge in your business. We provide expertise based on the skills we have developed in our careers, advancing your business expertise and passing on our knowledge to you.

Your company is only as good as your personnel so growing their capabilities can make your organisation great!

We provide a wealth of training, tailored to your business, via Skype, face to face or digital recording,


Resource leveraging is assessing the use of existing resources, the potential need for more or using existing assets to create new ones.  

It is an important skill used in a profitable business, to ensure efficiency and it is also better for the environment. Contact us to find out how.

Technology is changing so quickly, business is finding it difficult to keep up.  From specific applications such as Active Directory to competencies such as planning and delivering migrations, we provide the skills to deliver and manage information technology.

Giving you the skillset to thrive in the technological evolution.

They often say in business “you don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate”.  It is therefore important to aim to get the best deal and to ensure you are not tied into a contract you later may want to revoke.

We will show you how, so you do not spend more than you need to and you start saving your company money.

Some of our other Training & Education services:

Contact us to learn more about these and more services.

Develop effective vendor management skills and take control

Some of the biggest names in business have called upon our skills to help them.  We are now passing on our knowledge so you can manage suppliers effectively.

It is important to control costs, reduces potential risks related to vendors and ensure excellent service delivery with value from providers, aiming to get the most use of the services they offer.

We teach your staff using our experience of effective vendor management skills, to help your business gain the most out of the services being offered.

Passing on our knowledge is via Skype, face to face or a digital recording, contact us to develop your abilities.

Take the complexity out of technology and save money!