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Spotlight on our consulting case studies

Here are just a few successes from our current and previous companies experience, using technology and IT cost saving measures. 

 Private Sector

Catering Industry  


The number of clients for a small but established business was dropping in the past year despite investing in Google Ads for 3 years.  Understanding and rectifying the problem was required.

The “conversion” rate (the number of visitors to the website that make a purchase), is increasing daily.  


Advised the client about updating the website to reflect the current “COVID” situation which meant highlighting delivery methods and party food to eat at home.  Additionally recommended moving the website to a solution which reflects changes quickly and also saves money on additional functionality without compromising the business.  Keywords were also refreshed.

The operating budget will be reduced substantially once changes have been made, which includes the additional functionality that will expand the business further with some free tools.

Our IT cost saving measures ensures you benefit from IT

 Public Sector

UK Government Department


Identify, review and select the best supplier matching technical requirements for a UK wide system deployed in a large number of locations. 

There was a £6 Million initial budget.  The budget included hardware (touch pad screens), software, license cost, installation and on-going maintenance.

Saved 50% – 3 million pounds


Selected the best value for money supplier matching the technical requirements for a UK wide system to be deployed in a large number of locations.  

After negotiation saved £3 million with IT cost saving measures, compared to the £6 million initial budget.

Our consulting case studies identify the need for strong contract negotiation

 Private Sector

Major Retailer


Renegotiation of a main commercial software contract after a substantial and unexpected increase of end users.

Saved 90% – 900 thousand pounds


The existing unfavourable commercial terms meant the fees would have risen by 100% (£1 million).

After negotiation, an increase of only 10% (£100k) was agreed, saving £900K.

As shown in our consulting case studies, we take a holistic approach to cost reduction

 Private Sector

Financial Services Industry


As part of the company strategy, reduce the IT budget, which was £115 million.

IT Cost Saving Measures: Fave Consultant

Saved just under 14% – 16 million pounds


Working in a team, we identified various software and hardware being used throughout the company.  Consolidated and standardised (where possible) to obtain better pricing on licencing.  Replacing some products for cheaper alternatives or removed the ones which were not cost effective.

Reviewed our outsourced 3rd party IT services’ workload.  Cancelling unnecessary work and ensuring upgrades were completed to N-1 (the version prior to the latest one), resulting in less repetition over time.

Archived old data to release storage space, identified and removed applications that provided the same functionality as others being used.  Moved some work to the cloud.  Resolved some on-going support problems to free up support staff time.

Overall, saving just under 14 % or £16 million which included absorbing increased and additional costs.

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