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We have been delivering architecture and technology services for over 20 years, certified in TOGAF and numerous technologies.  We have expertise in delivering solutions from troubleshooting problems to secure and “bleeding” edge, whilst providing information technology knowledge sharing.

Innovative Technology & Architecture: Fave Consultant

Let tech take the pressure off your company

With solutions to benefit almost all areas of your business, our architecture and technology services can you identify, design and implement the right one for you.

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Is it time to modernise?

Upgrades to software and hardware are important, but it doesn’t need to take a lot of time or cost too much!

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Time for a move?

Our migration services ensure their is little or no disruption to your business.  Now that’s a weight off your shoulders.

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Need a new solution?

Implementing new technology into your business can be a challenge.  Whether it is “bleeding edge” or tech that has been around for some time, let us help your business with that challenge and train your staff at the same time.

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Choose the cloud and reap the benefits

Ensuring the transition to the cloud is secure, doesn’t disrupt your business and helps you prosper. Cloud enablement can help you make that journey.

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Want to learn from the IT company that helps you?

From design to implementation, we are all about information technology knowledge sharing.

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It is probably easier to explain what IT architects do.  There are many different types of architect, these include: data, security, solutions, IT governance and applications architects to name a few.

Each role will specialise in their chosen area and will design functional technology solutions, oversee the technical direction of a project including the delivery and provide support for any problems that may arise.

In addition to these IT architecture roles there is the enterprise architect (EA).  The EA will have knowledge of all the other roles though the EA may not be specialised in every one of them.

An enterprise architect will ensure technology achieves the goals of the business strategy. They work closely with stakeholders, including management and subject matter experts (SME), to ensure strategies are put in place to meet those goals.

An EA is responsible for using this knowledge to ensure IT and business alignment.

With training keeping us abreast of the latest technologies, contact us to see how architecture and technology services can help your business.

Architecture and Technology Services

As a TOGAF certified Enterprise Architect we are skilled in finding and designing solutions for you business.

Our architecture and technology services includes:

  • Creating IT strategy which compliments your business strategy and maximises your return on investment.
  • IT roadmaps providing a strategic level plan for delivering your company’s IT initiatives.
  • Designs for software / hardware / networks, you are looking to implement.

We have created designs for many different technologies.  From End User Computing to Active Directory and designing your cloud infrastructure.  Many designs have been signed off by Microsoft before being built.

We follow “best practise” unless it is not appropriate for the environment.  Security is fundamental to architecture and technology along with resilience (if applicable) and a number of other key attributes.  We can also provide installation / migration information if required.

Individually, we have a extensive experience working for consultancies, identifying and designing solutions for clients.

Contact us about using architecture and technology services.


Companies seem to constantly work on upgrades, whether it is applications, operating systems or hardware.

There are ways to reduce or eliminate the need for upgrades, or automate them to reduce the amount of time spent working on them.

At Fave Consultant, we can advise on the best method to use for upgrades then design and implement them.

When we are implementing new technology or any solutions, our approach involves working with your support teams so the knowledge is passed on to them.

This approach not only ensures your staff are able to support the product, but it also save costs.

Talk to us about how our architecture and technology services can help your upgrades.

Blockchain is a buzzword that has been around since 2008.  It was originally invented by a person (or group of people using the same name) called Satoshi Nakamoto, to use for the public transaction ledger called cryptocurrency bitcoin.

As years passed, developers worked on blockchain and in 2014 Ethereum was launched pre-sale with its own cryptocurrency, the second generation blockchain.

So what exactly is blockchain?

Well, each blockchain may have different information being recorded, but in essence, every transaction between two people creates a block.  The block is linked to the previous block that was created which form a chain and it is then sent to everyone in the chain, hence its’ name.

Each block will have information recorded inside it which for example will contain a date and time, how much it cost and who the seller and buyer was.

Lets head back to the time when computers were just used by scientists.  We would record everything on paper, and if more than one person wanted to update the information, they had to wait until the paper was free.

Along came products like excel and the spreadsheet could be stored centrally but we still had to wait until it was “available” before we could update it.

Then came the launch of databases that could be used by more than once person at a time.  It seemed that developers had really surpassed themselves and we could freely get on with business.

However, one thing still remained.  It was a centrally managed system where one person or company held the information.  Not anymore…

The difference with blockchain is there is no central place to hold the information.  When a block is created (whether it is due to buying, recording or something else ), it is sent to everyone in the chain.

This make blockchain much more secure.  It is very difficult to tamper with lots of individual blocks all located in different places, though sadly to say bitcoin has been hacked!

What is its’ future?

Blockchain has immeasurable possibilities.   Without the need of a central system, it cuts out the middle man and increases data security.  So for example, You could remove the need for a solicitor when you sold or bought a house.

Currently you need to transfer or receive a title which you tend to do through a solicitor.  With blockchain it can store them on a network allowing for a transparent view of the transfer as well as providing a clear view of ownership.

Though blockchain has now been around for 12 years, we are beginning to see momentum in the development of the application.

With significant interest in its’ development we are now seeing developments such as secure sharing of medical data, personal identity security and supply chain monitoring.  Where is it going, well watch this space…

Migration Services

We have extensive experience in migration services, whether on-premise, hybrid or to the cloud.  Staged migrations or cut-over. Live data with zero downtime or a phased approach.

Our innovative migration services approach involves working with your support team so the knowledge is passed on to them.  This approach not only ensures your staff are able to support the product, but it also saves you costs.

Our know-how allows us to complete the task with a minimum number of staff, whilst optimising tools and applications.  This means lower costs and minimum or no disruption to your business.

Our experience has included working for consultancies and cloud providers.  The experience gained designing and completing migrations has included training and managing staff during the process.

We now offer this as a service so your staff can learn and assist with the migration.  This offers two benefits:

  • Cost reduction to your company for the migration
  • Training your staff in the skills needed to move and manage the technology being migrated

Reduce your cost with our migration services. Contact us now and find out how our architecture and technology services can help you.

IT Architecture Designs: Fave Consultant

Producing designs are common tasks architects undertake, but why do they need to create them?

There are many factors involved in why you should have designs but lets look at a simple example:

imagine you are installing an e-mail system in your company, you could just install the various programs on a single machines and select Next, Next, Finish.

Whilst it has been installed, it is not an efficient application.

An architect will put together a design which will include the security, resilience, performance, groups (so you are able to message a group of people without creating you own), backups and much more.

The application will be designed so it is stable, perform well, secure and designed so your business can use it well.  The people who install it will also be able to see exactly how it is put together.

So you see, whether you are implementing new technology or solutions that have been around for some time, it is always worth ensuring it is designed well.  It will make your business more efficient.

Implementing New Technology

We have implemented some of the most challenging applications including into secure confidential environments.  At times we have advised the vendor how to do it.

We work with your staff when implementing new technology or any solutions.  Giving your personnel the skills required to install and support technology.  We believe this is an important skill we offer.

It allows your staff to develop skills whilst reducing the cost to your business.

Whether it is end user computing or business solutions to help you gain an edge, we ensure it is secure, resilient and tailored to your business.

With years of experience in many technologies, talk to us about how implementing new technology can help you at a low cost, part of our architecture and technology services.

Data analytics is the method of taking raw data, identifying patterns and drawing conclusions from it.

Your company will have a wealth of data that can uncover valuable information to help you improve your decision making, build stronger relationships with your customers, streamline processes to save money and create more effective marketing campaigns.

Any type of information can be used for data analytics, whether it is on a spreadsheet, a website, programs you have including e-mails or even hand written documents.

There are 4 main types of data analytics:

     Descriptive Analytics:  What is occurring in my business?

     Diagnostic Analytics:    Why is it happening?

     Predictive Analytics:     What is likely to occur?

     Prescriptive AnalyticsWhat should I do?

How long does it take to setup data analytics?

Well, how long is a piece of string?  This tends to be determined on the amount of information (data) you have, how complex your infrastructure is and what analysis you want.

To get you started, it could take just a couple of weeks to set your company up.  From there you can develop your analysis to get more and more knowledge.  This is of course dependant on your piece of string above,  but it does not need to take a long time.

How much will it cost?

That piece of string has emerged again.  This time it is dependant on the product you use, do you store the data in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid data storage?

Do you use 3rd parties to setup the server and create the analytics and if this a one off piece of work or do you plan to continually use it?

The costs can range from 25k to hundreds even millions of pounds.  The questions, to decide on cost and how long it will take should ideally need to be clear in your mind before taking steps to implement data analytics.

Should you be using it?

Well, investment in data analytics is set to double this year.  70% of the top performing companies have large teams dedicated to analytics.

As the expressions says, “you have to speculate to accumulate”.   Investment in data analytics has proven results in saving companies money and generating more leads.

2020 has begun with difficulty but planning for the future is a great way to turn it around.

We can help your journey whether it is cloud enablement to utilise a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution or architecture and technology services.    Why not talk to us?

Cloud Enablement

Cloud technology has been one of the success stories over the past 10 years. Business has grasped the benefits it offers including lower cost, less managing and higher security.

Whether you are new to the journey or wanting to move more of your infrastructure, ensuring any migration is not disruptive, it is successful, secure and your company benefits from the move are important.

In previous roles, we have worked for cloud providers and have vast experience of cloud enablement.  Moving secure technologies, business applications, bespoke technologies and more.

If you are thinking of moving to the cloud, or you need assistance now you there, we can help.  Whether it is to Google Cloud, Azure, AWS or other cloud providers, we have experience which can advise and work with you.

From advising which solutions can be moved immediately, what need rework and what IT needs to be replaced.  Our migration enablement can help design your cloud environment and/or migrate your solutions.

Contact us to find out more about our cloud enablement, part of our architecture and technology services

Information Technology Knowledge Sharing

Our mission statement at Fave Consultant is sharing our experience with innovation, creativity and cost reduction.  

We believe technology & architecture should be used and supported by everyone and to help make this happen, we provide Information Technology knowledge Sharing with you.

We can help and share our knowledge whatever your need.  Do you need some assistance troubleshooting a problem?

We can tackle some of the most challenging problems and have you up and running again within a short space of time.  Providing support at a small price and advising your staff in the process.

Liaise with us to find out more about Information Technology Knowledge Sharing., part of our architecture and technology services.

Take the complexity out of technology and save money!