“Technology is like a fish.  The longer it stays on the shelf, the less desirable it becomes.”

Andrew Heller

We're Sharing Experience In Technology to keep You Fresh

Are you really embracing the new normal?

Is technology costing you too much

Do you know what tech you should use?

Do you lack the I.T. skills in your business

Are you paying a 3rd party for support

Does your company have an I.T. strategy

Do you need to modernise but worried out cost

If any of these sound familiar, then


We have integrated skills in negotiation with IT architecture & tech services, so companies are able to use the best and affordable IT, and we are more cost effective than other consultancies.

Welcome to Fave Consultant a refreshing & innovative approach with prowess in IT 

How we are sharing experience in technology

Sharing Experience In Technology: Fave Consultant

1. Assess

Understand your infrastructure and the abilities of your staff

2. Assign Tasks

Allocate activities to your staff whilst leading and delivering

3. Create

Build the solution with your staff  ensuring it is constantly monitored

4. Test

Before “go-live” test, test, test. Ensure a smooth transition to the new solution

With tech services, we provide the option of delivering services with the help of your support staff, saving your expenses and increasing your skills.  We can of course provide all the staff required.

Our safe and unique approach to delivering services by sharing experience in technology, means you don’t pay for a large number of external people, and gives you the ability to support the solution once we have left, another way to make cost savings.

Embracing the new normal: Fave Consultant

Embracing the new normal with IT

Times have become more challenging but there are many ways to bolster your resilience.  Right now, you may need changes to you IT landscape to keep customers engaged and your workforce safe. 

With many solutions on the market, our business management consulting can help you meet the future head on!

Cost Savings: Fave Consultant

Don't forget about cost savings to help you prosper!

Even the wealthiest companies have felt the impact of the last few months.  Start recouping some of your losses so you can start embracing the new normal.

There are many ways to recover finances, including efficiency, sharing experience in technology and smart re-negotiation.  Let our business management consulting put you back in the driving seat.

Take the complexity out of tech and save money!