Sharing Experience In Technology When We Deliver Solutions to You

Years Developing Skills In Large Companies Enable Us To Do Things Differently

With years of practical knowledge working in large companies, we understand the benefit of IT cost reduction for business to keep overheads low.  At Fave Consultant, we believe companies should use the best technologies and they should be affordable.  So firms can save money without compromise.

Welcome to Fave Consultant, offering fast and efficient technology services, a refreshing & innovative approach with prowess in IT

COVID-19 impact on business

The recent crisis has meant many companies are losing profits on a daily basis. Some are on the brink of collapse.  You can reduce your losses by ensuring your IT expenditure is optimal.

A large amount of companies are spending more than they need to on tech.  Getting better deals, replacing two or three of your solutions with one that can do the same roles and changing suppliers are just three ways you can save money.

Take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped companies

Re-imagining Technology Services: Fave Consultant

Contact us, our business management consulting can assist you, whether you are a small, medium or large company.  Providing advice and lowering outlay with our IT cost reduction for business, remotely and securely.

What is data analytics and should you be using it?

Data analytics has become one of the most popular solutions implemented by business in the past few years.

Giving companies insights into their customers, create strategies for content, personalise content and develop products are a few ways it can help you increase sales.

Business Technology Consulting: Fave Consultant

Why not use our business management consulting to reduce your expenses? Or perhaps help to formulate your strategy?

IT consultants provide advise on how to use tech to meet business goals.  Implementing IT in business can expedite growth, eliminate risk, improve business process and reduce expenditure, though you need to choose the right solutions for your business.

Experienced in business management consulting, at Fave Consultant we advise on IT cost reduction for business to cloud strategy consulting, IT efficiency review, solutions that will enhance your business and much more.

Sharing experience in technology and saving you money!

I.T. is developing at a faster and faster pace with new solutions emerging on almost a daily basis.  It is difficult for businesses to keep up with the changes as well as have the staff to implement and support each one.

Requesting the assistance of technical services companies has become commonplace but how much do you rely on them?  What if your own team could develop skills to support the products your company is implementing?  They gained expertise and confidence to use those skills when the next “best tech product” arrives?

At Fave Consultant we pride ourselves on doing just that, sharing experience in technology whilst we work with you.  When we provide solutions for you, we also work with your team to ensure they have the skills after we have left.

Some of our architecture and tech services include: migrations, implementations, upgrades and transformations.  We have been working in some of the largest and well respected consultancies for many years.

Certified in IT architecture, we can design and implement robust environments and ensure you know how to support them.  From Office 365 migrations to complete digital transformations and much more, we have done it.

Our fast and efficient technology services has been developed from our past experiences, seeing what works and what does not.  It provides safe, secure and rapid solutions to help you benefit from I.T quickly.

How do some companies have a competitive edge?

Psst… I will let you into a secret…

Training your staff can be expensive and doesn't always provide results

Keeping your staff up-to-date with skills is an important undertaking to help your business stay competitive.  Training can be expensive and sometimes it doesn’t provide the results you want.

Developing your personnel not only benefits your company though, it also keeps your employees happy.  So it is important to invest in training which provides your business the capabilities to assist in driving your company forward.

We provide training you can use in business. Based on our own competence with many organisations, detailed training to benefit your company.

From IT architecture and technical courses to contract negotiation and leveraging.  Providing skills that help you work more efficiently.

Our training is constructed from 30 years of practical knowledge and is now available to you.

What is Blockchain?

Originally created for exchanging “cryptocurrency” (virtual money) called bitcoin , Blockchain has evolved to become one of the most exciting technologies being developed currently.

Where next? Try business management consulting to inspire you.

As we all move out of “lockdown” and some sort of normality could be on the horizon, it may seem difficult to know how to move your business forward.

The rules governing the crisis meant that business suddenly needed to work remotely.  We learnt about new ways to do things from Microsoft Teams to digital and contactless payments.

So, what now?  Our business management consulting can advise you on how to take positive steps forward.

Should you invest in tech or change what you have already and what happens if we have a second wave of COVID 19?

Contact us, you may be surprised how we can help your business thrive!

Sharing Experience In Technology: Fave Consultant

Passing on our knowledge

Having experienced the “best” and “worst” that “tech” offers, we have learnt quicker and more effective ways to implement it.  Now we want to help other companies by sharing experience in technology whilst working with your support staff to deploy our fast and efficient technology services. 

We have designed and implemented a vast amount of technologies including software we will probably never see again in secure environments. 

We have worked with many different sectors and provide IT market research if you want to understand what your sector is using.

Providing fast and efficient techology services and sharing experience in technology, this is what we do.

IT Cost Reduction for Business and Simpler IT

With buzzwords like “SaaS, Edge Computing, Kubernetes and Hybrid Cloud Computing it is no wonder that a lot of businesses get lost with IT.  Then add the price of it!

Having worked in the industry for many years with consultancies and leading UK companies, now we want to bring tech to business, to take out the “complexity”  and make it affordable for your company whilst sharing experience in technology.

Our background has taught us quicker ways to do things providing fast and efficient technology services.  We have also become adept at lowering expenditure with IT cost reduction for business, saving millions of pounds in previous roles.

We won’t talk with buzzwords, unless of course you want us too and we will always look for the best price possible.

IT doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.  Contact us, we will show you an easier way.

Who We Have Helped

We have worked with 54 different companies, many are the largest in the UK.  View our About Us page for a list of companies.

We understand the importance of IT in business and how it can benefit your company without significantly impacting your budget.

Sharing experience in technology and using our knowledge to provide consulting services that saves you money and provide fast and efficient technology services.

We focus on reducing the price of overheads, to ensure IT does not detrimentally impact your organisation with our IT cost reduction for business.

We work with your staff when designing or implementing something, to ensure they are prepared after we have left

We have over 20 years experience in business management consulting, now we want to share it with you.

Take the complexity out of tech and save money!