Helping your business in an ever-changing IT landscape

At Fave Consultant we advise on improving your business performance, identify IT, negotiate and implement (with your team) then enhance your skills with our training, enabling you to harness the potential of emerging tech

Technology Consulting

Fave Consultant assess, recommend and implement technology based on specific requirements, minimise spend and leave IT Teams empowered with the long-term knowledge it needs.

Fave Consultant specialise in three service offerings:

Business Management Consulting: Fave Consultant

Consulting / Advisory

Unsurpassed expertise whatever you need, from solving problems to identifying tech, with a focus on cost savings for your business

Technology Implementation: Fave Consultant

Technology Implementation

Our expert technical experience will move you through the ever-changing IT innovation landscape leaving you with “the knowledge”

Training and Education: Fave Consultant

Training / Education

With IT innovation constantly evolving, it can be tough to keep up. We empower IT and business Teams with the long-term knowledge they need.

Technology Consulting: Fave Consultant

Technology Consulting Excellence

Too many businesses are left guessing when it comes to what they need, how much it will cost and how to effectively maintain an IT landscape.

Our end-to-end services provide clarity, future proofing your business’s IT strategy.

Offerings that have been designed to complement each other, for example:

from identifying solutions with our business management consulting then implementing the resolution, whilst sharing experience in technology, finally enhancing the knowledge gained with our training and education.

Whether you need services in one, two, or all three areas of specialism


How we are sharing experience in technology

Sharing Experience In Technology: Fave Consultant

When we deliver technology, we can do it with you, giving your business the skills.

Whether it’s involving your team in the design, or digitally transforming your entire organisation.

Developing the expertise in-house improves performance · improves accuracy and quality · improves communication · complies with regulations and increases profits.

An Example of how we deliver

1. Assess

Understand your infrastructure and the abilities of your staff

2. Assign Tasks

Allocate activities to your team whilst leading and delivering

3. Create

Build the solution with you, ensuring it is constantly monitored

4. Test

Before “go-live” test, test, test. Ensuring a smooth transition to the new solution

With years of experience leading teams and developing their abilities, our technology consulting provide the option of implementing services with the involvement of your support staff, increasing your skills. with large cost savings. We can of course provide all the staff required.

A safe and unique approach to delivering IT services by sharing experience in technology with you.

We bring decades of experience including:

Staff Trained
Successful Migrations
10 %
Average Budget Savings
Years of Experience in "Big Consultancies"

Take the complexity out of tech and save money!